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Is your interior ready for autumn? Our tips!

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Is jouw interieur al klaar voor de herfst? Onze tips

Autumn is coming. It is sometimes called the transition to winter, but for us autumn is much more than that. As far as the interior is concerned, it is a very exciting period. Autumn is synonymous with warmth and cosiness in the house. The heating, or maybe even the fireplace, on. Feet in the air, blanket over it. Netflix looking while the rain is tapping against the windows. Lovely. But how exactly do you make the interior autumn ready? We'll help you on your way with our tips.

The sleeper sofa is back!

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Slaapbank zetelbed bedbank

Many people already start to complain about their back when they hear the words sleeper sofa. That is because of the fact that in the old days those sofas could be turned into a bed. Those sofas were not comfortable at all, and they could not be turned into a descent bed to sleep in. Sleeper sofas these days can't be compared to the ones back in the days.

How to welcome a television in your living room

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hoe je tv integreren in de woonkamer2

It has been and always will be a difficult task, where do you place your television for it to be one with your interior... It is nowadays much easier than back in the days but we have for you some tips on how you could place your tv in your interior.

Five tips for choosing the ideal coffee table

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de ideale salontafel onze tips meubis

When choosing a new chair, the choices are quite obvious. You decide on the material, colour and dimensions, and the result is your new living room. But the search for a new coffee table can often be a lot more difficult. Of course, there is also a lot of choice, and you have to take a number of things into account. Our 5 tips will help you on your way.

Authentic quality leather - Made in Italy

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At MEUBIS we have a wide range of corner salons. We try to offer something for everyone, in terms of price, colour and materials. We sell corner salons in fabric and polyurethane (PU leather, a high quality alternative to leather), but authentic quality leather is also available from us. For this we work directly with the supplier Altoni, an Italian manufacturer known for its Italian quality leather for many years. So our leather salons do not come from Asian countries, but directly from the manufacturer in Italy. The advantages of this, we explain here.

Interior trend: Plants and flowers

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Interieurtrend groen in huis

Plants in your house are trendy again. It is not a new trend but this trend is totally hot again. People are more creative with flowers and plants in their interior. People are coming to a point where they embrace the fact that flowers and plants have a good influence on their mood. But you should not go for a full jungle in your interior. With the tips we have for your we can show you how you should welcome flowers and plants in your interior.

Tips for you to chose a new carpet

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The choice of a carpet is often a difficult one. In terms of both color and size, very often people are in doubt in the store. Too big is not good, too small either, and often they cannot chose whether the color would suit their interior. Here we give you some tips for choosing your carpet.

Tips for your accent wall

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People use them more and more, one wall in a sertain room has another colour or wallpaper on it. It gives more life and definition to your interior, extra depth and ambience. How do you get your own accent wall and where do you start? Here are some tips for you!

How to fabrics and pillows

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Kussens voor je interieur - des coussins pour votre interieur3

Temperatures are falling, days getting shorter...: winter is coming. Many people find this a bad thing, but there are many people who find the idea of a warm winter from inside the house nice. You can always find this back in the interior. Do you wanna prep your interior for a cosy winter? Find out here what you can do with Pillows and fabrics in your house.

Should you go for a leather or a fabric sofa with a pet?

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Are you looking for a new sofa and you got a cute cat or dog in your household? You should think about the following things before making a decission. Our first tip: Don't let your pet on the sofa.Dogs can be trained. Others are not capable for training, and are more fun to have with you while you are watching your sitcom. In that case is a leather sofa the best option. for many reasons.