To rent or to buy a Horeca-business the advantages and disadvantages

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It is always a hard choice to make, and many factors have an influence on your choice. If you wanna be independent than you should buy one, but what are the downsides? How do you do so? We will try to help you with some tips. 

Many people always think that buying is better than renting. That is true for 90% but the reality is always a bit harder. Horeca property is a form of an investment. On a monthly bases it is always cheaper to pay your hypotheek than rent. At the end of the day it is your property. 

But it has to be an option to buy your own ground... not everybody has the financial tools for that. The plan below shows you how you should work when you want to buy your own property. 

Buy your own

The hunt for the perfect building

It is mostly a fun thing but it can also be hell. Nowadays you can find many houses and info on the internet. There are also websites and offices that are only about these subjects. Do not hesitate to make an appointment to get some info. 

Think about the future

Don't go too fast. Visit one after the other and take someone with you while you go on visits. A friend always has an other input than you have. It is important to think on the long-term aswel. Do you wanna stay here for years? Is the space big enough for your business? Is the location close tot he people you want to attract? These ar some questions that you should go over before making a choice. 

Contact you bank

If you have found the location of your dreams you should get in contact with your bank. They will tell you how many they can give you and on what conditions. This is complicated they need much info like your own financial input, the financial plan of your business,... 

How will you furnish your business

Did the bank agree on your idea and you can go buy a property? The most fun part has arrived, you can start furnishing. Determine the ambience and look for your business. This will help you along the road of furnishing. Keep in mind the amount of space you have... Use it wisely and you will have no problem in furnishing. 

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