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Hotel Acacia

Hotel Acacia is a hotel in Blankeberge, 5 minutes away from the beach. Jan and Catherine are the new owners of this hotel. They wanted to give this hotel a second chance by refurnishing this hotel. The trusted us here at Meubis with their new born baby of a hotel. We got together and started working on the hotel of their dreams.

Who are the faces of Hotel Acacia?

We are Jan and Catherine, we are the new owners of Hotel Acacia in Blankenberge. We wanted to create a cosy family hotel, this also because of the fact that we are that close to the beach, this should be perfect for families with kids. The past interior and furniture were a total disaster, and we wanted to give this hotel a second chance. 

How did you get in touch with Meubis?

We were surfing online and we were looking for a business near us and we came across Meubis.

What did you convince to work with Meubis?

We went to the horecabeurs in Ghent and it was all very positive, we had a very good feeling about Meubis. We had trust and faith in the people who work for Meubis.

How would you describe the collaboration?

One of the biggest feelings we have is that we are very grateful. We have some of the best furniture pieces in our hotel, from a simple bed to tables and chairs. The desks and wardrobes were also delivered by Meubis. The price we payed was just not to believe. Our hotel is since the renovations always fully booked. 

Situatie voordien:

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More info on Hotel Acacia

Hotel Acacia
Vanderstichelenstraat 9
8370 Blankenberge

+32 50 41 43 83

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