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Not every catering boss has the time to do a lot around marketing and promotion. Anyway you can do a lot with very few resources. The six P's are important for any catering business: six important considerations you should keep in mind always telling the story of your business on a marketing level. We go over them here.


One of the most important P's in the marketing story is of course the product. What do we mean, What you mainly offer in a restaurant that will be the range of food and drinks for example. We think, because of that choice of course affects a lot of other issues, such as your target audience. Would you like have a star restaurant? Provide a quality product to which the target audience of stars can appeals to. Would you rather have a trendy burger joint? With original and delicious burgers, the younger target audience will be a fan of this.


In addition to the product itself, is of course the price is an important P in your marketing mix. That depends on your product, but at the same time from your target audience. The price level must be adapted to the kind of clientele you want to attract. In order to handle the same example again: If the product you offer is from a star level this will all be more expensive than the burger joint. 


The location where your business is located. Also this must be correct for your type of business, in terms of both location and in terms of décor. Try with your décor to create the atmosphere you want to have, as with the previous 2 P's in mind. Of course you are allowed to create your own style, just make sure that your intended audience can appreciate that style.

Extra tip:

Make sure you are easy to find online, so certainly also through Google. Create a page to Google Maps, as a "place" so you can be found in different ways. Enter some information, some pictures, possibly opening hours and your address. Simple and free advertising. 


Staff is often an underestimated P, partly because it is one of the most difficult ones to your P's. Good staff is a requirement, we mean staff with knowledge, enthusiasm and empathy. Staff is the medium of contact for the customer, and they therefore have a great influence on the perception or experience of the customer in your business. In addition to "good", it must be so also what best fit in your concept. In a star restaurant you don't want to see an unshaved person serving the clients, this fits more in the burger joint. 


Also a pretty logical P in your marketing mix. The presentation should be also the ' look & feel ' of your case. Presentation is going pretty far. in addition to the Interior, it can also be applied to fonts and house style, but also lighting, music as the presentation of the product when it is served. People love to be surrounded by beautiful things, especially in this time of Instagram and Snapchat. 


A final P in the story, is not to ignore. Make sure your business is ' in the picture '. This is often difficult at the beginning, but also existing business are often still wrestling with this. In addition to the place also social media has become an important platform. If you're not on Instagram or Facebook? Then you have a serious backlog. Especially in businesses that aim at young people, this is inexcusable. But other things are better with this evolution. Facebook and Google are the most frequently used tools to find a good horeca business. 

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