Our tips to decorate your Horeca business

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Your furniture brings the ambience in your business

We mean: the style of furniture shows what that business is all about. A place that serves fast food can be rather funky and modern furnished, while a restaurant that serves French cuisine, can do more to the cottage or the rustic style of furniture will gravitate. Decide what style you wish to go on with your catering business, and watch how you can best translate that in your furniture.

Use the right colours

Colours also play an important role in choosing the right furniture. Light and more cooler colors bring a younger, looser atmosphere, while warm and softer colours go perfectly with an elegant dining experience. The same rules apply here: more modern and trendy are perfect for a lounge club or dancing, while warm and soft colours are just right for the cosy dining. Here again: keep in mind beforehand which experience you would like to offer the customers.

Think of all ages and forms

Who wants to make his business accessible for everyone, think also about the furniture for all ages. A few high chairs, or a comfortable chair with armrests for the older people are often small efforts that customers can greatly appreciated. Also, make sure that your furniture is large enough to slightly heavier customers.

Choose quality

Invest in quality furniture to match the location of your case. For example, you have a busniess on the coast, make sure your outdoor furniture is resistant to heat, moisture and wind. Also, make sure that your furniture is easy to maintain. It sounds logical, but restaurant furniture often gets a lot to endure. Ask when purchasing furniture for maintenance-tips.