Five crucial moments to get to your client.

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During a visit of your client there are five moments in which you should get to your client. People these days want the full effect when they are in your restaurant or bar. People want to feel welcome when they go places. If you play it right on the five crucial moments your sales will go up in no time.

The Greeting

Try to make sure that your clients feels welcomed in your business. This may sound very cliché, but it is still very important. When they feel at home from the first second it will do so much good for them. Show them to their table! The feeling the client has will give back to your personel. 

Help where needed.

In 99% of the cases you know your business better than your client. Make sure you show them around to their table, offer the needed info and make suggestions. Don’t do this for them to have a bigger bill, just tell them what your business is all about and what you stand for. This will bring up your sales if you do it right! 

The moment of serving

The ober will be seen once he is coming towards the table with the order in his hands, the words that are used often are ‘and the cola is for…?’ Try to avoid this. You can score many times if you are informed with the info on who ordered what. Your client will feel important that you know what they like and ordered. Also there is no need to bother the conversation that your clients are having. This gives a very professional and nice feeling for your clients. 

Be present

It is always very difficult for you to know what your clients likes, and the clients does not always shows what he or she likes. You can better ask it one time to much than less if your clients needs anything extra. You don’t want your client to feel left out. Make this a short moment so your clients feels seen. 

Moment of goodbyes

The moment of goodbye is important aswel, If the clients calls for the bill you make sure this clients has the bill asap. Because you just don’t know what your clients still has planned that day,. If you don’t have the option of helping your client right away, just explain what is going on and be honest. The mood in which they leave your business will be the one that they will project about your business.

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