Do you play the right music in your establishment?

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Speel jij de juiste muziek in jouw horecazaak

It's a normality that in the world of the food service industry your turn-over will rise when you play the right music. Not only in this business but also in the retail this is one of the many used tricks. We believe this is a reality and that it really works, but under some conditions. What is good music you may wonder? There for we should take a closer look to your store, the beating heart of it. We will help you chose the right music for your business.

Music in function of the client

This may seem like a useless tip but we see this more often that this simple tip is most forgotten. Focus the music on the sort of people who visit your establishment. Are you a big fan of R&B, but your clients are businessman and elder couples? Try to put on some jazz or something like that go for the groovy tunes. Don't always play the music you like, but think of the client his preference. 

Music in function of your concept

Every establishment has it's own concept and style, that will automatically generate  the mood. Think for example about the contrast between a burgertent, french bistro and a funky tapas bar. 3 Different concepts who each need their own mood. Music can play a very important role! In the last example Latin music would be great, but it would not fit in the french bistro. Think very carefully about the mood you want to create and adapt your music to that.

Muziek in functie van de context

When you keep in mind the two tips above, it is also fun to play with the context of the moment. Think for example about the first heat of the year.Why don't you combine that with a light, calm reggae song? Or more specific when there is a moment many young people come to your store, play the popular songs of today. Make sure they still go with the 2 rules from above. Don't ever play music that doesn't go with your concept or clients, otherwise the effect wont be what you wanted. Bad music will for sure conclude into less costumers. 

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