Your dining room in the industrial style: our tips

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The industrial interior style is currently extremely popular. It even seems, together with Scandinavian interiors, the most frequently chosen interior style this year. Are you also such a fan of the raw metal, in combination with the wooden finish? Then it is certainly a good idea to extend this to your dining room. Because it may seem a little more difficult, but it is certainly perfectly feasible to give your dining room an industrial touch. Here are a few tips.

Industrial design: what is it exactly?

Every interior style has certain typical elements or characteristics. The Scandinavian style, for example, always contains light colours and natural materials. The industrial style is rougher. In many cases, for example, one chooses rough brick walls. It can also be a bit tougher and rougher when it comes to floors. We think of concrete floors, or more rustic wooden floors. Steel and metal are also often found in this style. For example, we think of large, steel windows. Very often you also see an open layout. As you often see in lofts, we play with large open spaces that create one living space. When it comes to furniture, in contrast to the Scandinavian style, we often go a little darker in terms of colours. 

The dining table in your industrial design

For the dining table we will look for the raw materials. What you see very often is the combination of (dark) metal, with a wooden tabletop. These two materials keep each other in balance, the warm wood compensates the cold metal material, which eventually brings a harmonious, tough whole. Within the industrial sector other forms of table legs are often played with: from X-feet to K-feet. On the picture below you can see for example Eettafel Feniks, where you can also see that combination. 

Industrial style chairs

Also in the dining room chairs we see the combination with steel legs. This can be combined with fabric as well as with a leather seat. The biggest condition is that the chair also looks a bit tough and robust. Clear or bright colours obviously do not fit into an industrial design. On the picture below you see for example chair Prato Lux, a perfect example of that combination. 

Complete industrial dining rooms

In our offer we also try to put together complete dining rooms in every style. This way you are assured of a coherent whole, within the same style. Also within the industrial style we have a lot of complete bedrooms. On the picture you see dining room Grosso, a nice example of an industrial dining room. Again, the combination of the cold steel with the warm wood is a beautiful combination. In the background you see the large steel windows, mentioned earlier, and also the lighting fits perfectly within the industrial style. How to buy the perfect lamp in the industrial style, you can read on our blog: 5x the perfect lamp in the industrial style. 

Looking for tips and inspiration?

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