Choosing the perfect dining chair: what to look out for?

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Choosing dining chairs, it's often a tricky job. We also notice this with our customers in the showroom. A lot of people don't know how high a chair is, how wide it can be, or how many chairs at a table of, say, 180cm. In addition, they also find it very difficult to choose whether to take a leather chair, go for something in fabric, or choose a wicker chair anyway. All people with these difficulties, we try to help them with our tips here.

To start with, we would like to divide the decision into only different categories. This step-by-step plan will probably help you make the right choice, for the right dining chair. We will briefly list the points of attention you will take into account when making your choice:

  • The style of the chair, and the atmosphere it creates.
  • The material of the chair, and its advantages or disadvantages
  • The dimensions of the chair
  • The durability of the chair

The style of your dining room chairs

The style of your dining room is of course an important starting point for choosing your chairs. If you want a modern, designer look in your interior, don't look for wooden or wicker chairs in a country style, and vice versa. So it is important which direction you want to go, and what atmosphere you want to create in your home. Chair Sol, for example, is the perfect chair in a country interior, but does not fit in a modern or industrial style. So it is important to make clear in advance in which style you are looking for chairs, so you can work in a more focused way.

When you go to leather chairs, you often get a slightly more modern style, such as chair Miracle or chair Marina. 

The material of your dining room chairs

The material of your chairs is also an important choice. For example, think beforehand about how you want to use the chairs, where you will place them and what exactly they will be used for. Fabric chairs create a soft seat and coziness/heat, but are of course harder to clean, and catch a little more dust.

The advantage of wooden or leather chairs is that they are easier to maintain. The dust can be removed much faster with a duster, and stains are also a little easier to clean. Be careful not to place leather chairs too close to a source of heat such as a fireplace. This can cause the leather to dry out and lose its quality. It is also best to avoid direct sunlight so as not to lose the colour of the leather.

Wicker chairs create a warm, rural feel and are also easy to clean. The seating comfort is often a little less, but that can easily be solved with a seat cushion. The disadvantage of wicker chairs is that it doesn't fit in every interior, and that the backrest is always a little harder. 

The size of your dining room chairs

Another important aspect is of course the size of the available space. This is also very important in the choice of chair. As far as chairs are concerned, we have models that are somewhat wider, such as a Mateo chair with armrests, but of course we also have narrower chairs. It is important that you know exactly where the chairs come from. If you want chairs with armrests, but also want to save space, it's best to take a look at the height of the armrest. If it's not too high, you can slide it under the table when you're not using the chair, so it takes up a lot less space.

The standard seat height of a chair is 45cm. It has been scientifically proven that this is the perfect size for all kinds of people, both large and small. So our chairs are usually also 45cm high in terms of seat height. There are also many theories that claim that the ideal seat height is between 40 and 45cm, but from experience we have a more positive response to chairs with a seat height of 45cm. If you have a table of 180cm and you want to place 3 chairs on it, it is best to take a finer chair, is the table 220cm long, then you can of course go a little wider. So everything depends on the available space. 

Durability of the chairs

Another very important aspect, of course, is the durability of the chair. Are the chairs used intensively every day? Then absolutely look for a sturdy chair that can take a beating. The last thing you want is to be able to buy new chairs every year, because the material is not durable enough. Chair Floriane Deluxe or Didier, for example, is a model with sturdy legs and a sturdy, yet comfortable seat and back, which ensures that you sit comfortably in the first place, but that the chair can also take a beating. The perfect chair for intensive use.

Do you have any questions about the durability of our chairs? Feel free to contact one of our employees, they will undoubtedly be able to help you. In any case, we can already tell you that all our chairs come with a 2-year warranty.

Need any more tips?

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