Tips for a wonderful winter

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Are your electronic devices ready for the winter?

Winter it can cause a lot of damage, not only because it rains many times. Especially in Belgium so it's important for you to check the following things, before winter strikes. It is very important you do so because you will have a lot of trouble if you don't before winter is coming.

  • Let someone check your heating installation. You should do this every year. Especially when your heating installation is a bit older. You wouldn't want to have trouble with your heating installation during winter.

  • Doing the winter your windows and doors will be closed much more. Make sure your ventilation is working correct if you had the opportunity make sure you clean it from time to time. If you don't have a ventilation system make sure you ventilate your house when you get the chance 15 minutes should do the job.

  • Make sure to check your roof as wel! If your room is damaged make sure you let this fixed before winter strikes. If you have a leak it will cost much damage. Make sure you take the time to check this out, is the drain okay, Aren't there any leaves who are clogging your roof?

Is your garden ready for the winter?

Many people only give attention to their garden once spring is coming. Doing fall and winter people don't pay attention to their garden as they should. You should also take care of your furniture in the garden.

Make sure to clean off your all of your garden furniture before winter. At this very moment you're probably thinking why should I do that right now...? Let me tell you you'll be happy that you did this once spring is here. The only thing you will need to be doing is put them back in the garden.

Is your interior ready for the winter?

Here we are at the fun part of this blog, is your interior ready for the winter? We are thinking of many pillows, plaids, candles and a winter wonderland decoration. Winter is that time of the year in which you can decorate your house to the fullest. A cosy ambience is mandatory! In the summer decoration should be put to the minimum, you won't be at home that much when it's summer. You should have an over the top decorated house in the winter. On the following pictures you can provide yourself of some inspiration!