Store your kids toys and lower the pile of toys.

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You love to give your child everything they want, but it can be hell from time to time. If you ask them to put away their toys you as a parent always end your day by picking up the toys off your kids. Many times it is a problem to store all of those toys, you just don’t have enough storage space. Where do you store all of it? Here are some tips for you as a parent to store the toys of your kids.

Toys in dressers

This is just perfect, the kid can take his own toys when it is stored in a dresser. It is useless for you to store toys in a big wardrobe or other closet that your child can’t reach. Make sure your child is able to get to his own toys, and that he or she is able to store them theirselves. We at Meubis have everything you need in our Easy collection, all sizes and colours. You will find the dresser you were looking for. 

Make the kids bedroom more special with a bunkbed

Try to store the toys in a fun way. This can be done in a cool and hip box. Think about a bunkbed like the bed shown below (pino slide). This bed makes sure that is is cool to store toys, it is also very handy to do so. Store the toys under the bed and you are done! We have many different bunkbeds that will be just right for his or her little bedroom! 

Go for colourful boxes

For people who love to work with colour should think about some colourful boxes. Look at box Winny shown below. Learn your child to store by category. This will learn your kid something and it will only be good for them and you! 

Some tips:

Met bovenstaande tips kun je al heel wat op een stijlvolle manier oplossen, maar deze tips blijven mooi meegenomen:

  • For very new toy you should get rid of one
  • Kids are not able to play with all of their toys at once, put some of the less used once on the attic or in another place, lower the pile of toys.
  • When they are done playing give them fifteen minutes to store all their toys that they played with.
  • Lear your child to store the toys so you don’t have to do it at the end of the day.
  • If you are sick and tired of all the toys, just think about the fact that your boy or girls get’s so happy when they can play with their toys. That is what we bought it for right, the smile is worth much more!

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