Scandinavian style: where do I start?

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Scandinavian interiors in recent years are particularly popular. They provide a tight, warm decor and all with natural looking materials. A Scandinavian interior design radiates peace and simplicity, which is a must in this stressful society. With a Scandinavian style you go for a timeless Interior that exudes peace and simplicity..

Go for a clean-cut design

The clean lines and minimalist design with comfort and functionality, these form the basis of a Scandinavian interior design.

  • Don't use many details
  • Go for furniture with a retro design, round feet are a good idea! 
  • A fabric sofa can have some colour to it!

One with nature

    Wood is an element that always comes back in this kind of Interior, this remains and ensures that timeless look. This also ensures a durable and varied Interior that remains interesting over the years.

  • Oak and pine wood are the light woods where you should go for as in teen room Bill

  • Wool, cotton and metal are also a good choice for your other furniture

  • also go for a light wood floor


You certainly don't have to  spend thousands of euros for this style. Appearance and comfort, there you go for and which are paramount. It should give you the feeling that you're in a nice and cozy home atmosphere. All this by the harmony of your Scandinavian interior design. Take a look at dining room malmo.

Patterns are perfect 

    It can go from flowers to animals, in this interior it is certainly not out of the question to give your sofa pillows with pompoms and a nice print. You can also go for a fun retro poster, a nice frame or a large wall clock. Lamps give this style also a direct and appropriate atmosphere.

  • Pillows with a print
  • Frames are a good decoration idea
  • lamps big and small are good
  • A rug is mandatory


    In Scandinavia it is logically very fond of nature. In countries such as Sweden that there are eco-friendly aspects in their homes. Some examples are (three) double glass and sound wall and roof isolation. Many Windows allow plenty of natural light and these are also very characteristic to this interior.

  • three double glass windows
  • wall and roof isolation
  • Many windows
  • A fireplace is also an option

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