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Meubis, who recently just has a whole new webshop that is one of the biggest in Belgium is coming with Videochat. Via this live video chat service We want to offer out clients the best online shopping experience ever! This gives the client the opportunity to have personal interior advice when they are just sitting in their own livingroom. Since 3 Mai we can help our client in real-time. Many people want help or advice while they are shopping online so this service is just perfect. 

One of the big advantages is that the client has the option to accept or cancel the video call. This makes sure our workers can give the right advice to all our clients. The client who doens’t want to use his webcam still is able to see the face of one of our workers. This makes sure that our clients has a feeling of trust while using our service. We want to help our clients as fast as we can, there are tons of mails that are send everyday so that our clients has the best info at all times about their order. You ask the question and we get to you asap.

Research has shown that a videochat within a furniture store hasn’t been done before, only in the UK there is a webshop that offers this service. Since we started our business we have build our own name that has been stronger and heard more often every year. We want to be the one that has the best service for their clients. If their is a delay on an order our system will automatically send out an email with the info for that client. 

Not only is the expansion of the videochat very good for you, we want to go a bit further than that, by being available at almost every hour of the day. You can contact Meubis via Facebook, mail, telephone, Instagram and Pintrest. On the 3 of mai we will be available by phone from Monday to Saturday from 10-18h. The online chat helpdesk is open from Monday till Friday from 8-23h. Of Saturday 8-18h, Sundays from 13-18h. That gives 42 hours extra a week, On our social media we get to you within the first 12 hours of your message. 

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