Make your home the ultimate place to relax

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Everyone knows the feeling, after a hard day's work: how nice it is to be home again. But before you know it, you also have the feeling at home that you can't really relax. You haven't done this yet, and that has yet to happen. Although everyone needs to relax, not everyone finds that relaxation at home. For those people we have some tips, how you can make your own home the perfect place to relax.

Have some memories and/or souvenirs

Do you ever dream away when you think back to that trip to the South of France? Or do the Spanish beaches often crop up in your memories? Then give them a place in your home. Give them the chance to make you dream away more often, and bring those relaxed atmospheres into your home. This can be done perfectly, for example, by placing a picture in a photo frame on the cupboard, or above the corner salon, as in the picture below of Hoeksalon Damme. Or did you bring specific gadgets on your trip? Stick them out in your interior, so they can breathe memories.

Bring that particular atmosphere into your interior

What people often do is try to create a certain atmosphere in their interiors, which reminds them of that one journey. Think for example of African influences, a mask on the wall, or a carpet with a leopard pattern on the floor. They are means to bring certain good memories into the house. Very popular in that respect is for example the Ibiza style. In the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, this is now a very popular interior style, brought by people who have enjoyed the peace and quiet on the island of Ibiza. Accessories such as Picture Kenzy or Wall Decoration Projet are a perfect match.

Less is (very often) more

It is not the intention to change your entire interior in order to create a relaxed feeling. For example, it is not a good idea to fill everything with souvenirs and memories, because in the end they will only result in more cleaning work. Less is (very often) more, also in this case. Try to give your interior a certain touch or memory with small things, not with big changes. Pouf Nicam below, for example, can perfectly bring you back to that one holiday in Morocco or even Ibiza. Use accessories such as poufs, decorative cushions or even vases to your interior that one, fine touch to give your heart and head back to that beautiful journey brings. 

Need any more tips?

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