Leaving the nest: What will it cost each month?

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You are finally ready to leave mom and dad. The world is at your feet and the dream of living on your own can finally become reality. The other side of the medaille is true: you will face all the different aspects of the adult life. financial for example, living on your own is a big change and many people don't take it that serious. But what is the cost of living on your own?

"Meubislair" ofcourse!

When you are furnishing your new place keep in mind that the human body needs rest from time to time... Your home should be a place where you can be at peace. A bed, chair, tabel and sofa, we all need them to make our house a home! Here at Meubis we got different styles which will go very will with each budget. 

For example, with 2.000 euros you are abel to furnish your whole house! by choosing our starter-packs.
This price contains a full bedroom, dining room and a sofa at a low price. Especially for the newbies in their adult life! 

Fixed costs

Let's take a look at the fixed costs in a household in 2017:

  • water
  • electricity and gas
  • rent
  • tv and internet
  • groceries

all these elements arte mandatory to live a comfortable life. All of these come with a variety of prices so be informed before you chose! 

All the following prices are average prices. After some research we came to the conclusion that all the monthly fixed costs (exclusive water people pay this every three months) are as shown below:

  • electricity and gas: €180,00
  • rent: €700,00
  • Tv and internet: €60,00
  • groceries: €180,00

the total cost (excl. water) is €1120,00. We could calculate a cost of € 20,00 euro a month on water extra in that price. 

Save some with these tips 

What can you do to lower the costs? We would love to give you some tips and advice to do so. 

the fist step is the budgetplan, this is a scheme that shows your costs and income. This will give you a personal scheme of what your buffer is at the end of the month. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you have a right budget per section of costs. 

Here are some tips to lower the cost per month:

  1. Don't always buy the A-brand in the supermarket, go for the brand of the supermarkt itself, it is as good as the number 1 brand and it is much cheaper.
  2. Water can be saved in many different ways, many people put a full water bottle or even a brick in the tank of their toilet, this prevents the toilet to fill up to the maximum capacity.
  3. take a shower instead of a bath
  4. The trend nowadays is to time the duration of your shower round, go for a shorter period of time instead of 15 minutes.
  5. Change as many light bulbs bij LED lights! 

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