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At MEUBIS we have a lot of different articles in our webshop, and also a lot of extensive collections. Yet there are always some collections that appeal to a lot of people. We notice this because of the many questions about the furniture, but also because they are ordered very often. One of those collections is the Kiddy collection. We understand it of course, it is a beautiful collection with children's furniture, 100% Belgian made. Quality guaranteed and a very nice design. We'll take you through the Kiddy collection, with its endless possibilities.

The baby room

Let's start with the little ones. In this Kiddy collection you have everything you need to decorate a beautiful baby room. What we always count as the nursery is the baby's bed (of course), a chest of drawers with changing table and a wardrobe. Babybed Kiddy is a very beautiful baby bed, finished in a white colour, with refined legs in solid pine. Dresser Kiddy contains 3 drawers, with an open space at the top to store things. You can also order the dresser without the changing table, but this is of course a very practical addition for the baby's room. Wardrobe Kiddy 2-doors is often chosen in baby's room, but of course you can also think about the future and go for the Kiddy 3-door wardrobe. 

The nursery

Kids room Kiddy is very popular right now. In this collection you have everything to make a very hip room. In a children's room we usually charge a single bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe. Single bed Kiddy is a hip model, with a nice design. A nice extra to this bed, are the color options. You can get this bed in white, but also in grey, mint green or light pink. For the children who make the transition from a baby bed to a single bed, you can also order a bed safety, so they don't roll out of their bed. Bedside table Kiddy is a sober model, which of course fits perfectly with the bed in terms of design. The Kiddy children's room usually sells a Kiddy 3-door wardrobe, as children of that age can already use a larger wardrobe. Especially the girls, but also the boys, right? 

Expansion of the nursery

Is your child growing up in the meantime, or do boyfriends regularly come to sleep? In the Kiddy collection you also have lots of items to expand your child's room. A very cool item is the tipi-bed Kiddy. This is available in the size 90x200cm, so a full single bed, but also smaller, namely 70x140cm. This is then more often used as a 'play bed', or as a place to chill. What is also popular with young children, is the high sleeper Kiddy. The undercarriage is made of solid pine, just like the sturdy ladder. There is enough space under the bed to build a camp, by the way. The Kiddy bunk bed is also super handy to gain space. The slatted frames are always included with these beds. Another option is a Kiddy bed drawer, which slides easily under the Kiddy single bed. This way you won't lose any space when it's not being used, and you can easily conjure it up when a boyfriend stays asleep. 

Decoration for the nursery

What we really like about the Kiddy collection are the extras that can make your nursery complete. We think for example of the play case Kiddy, which can serve as a bookcase, but also as a bed for the play doll, or simply as storage space for your child's many cuddles. It's finished in exactly the same way as the rest of the collection, which makes it really look great. For the older children we also have a real bookcase Kiddy, with a unique design. This can also be used for many purposes, and looks really super hip. Wall shelf Kiddy is always a handy addition, and available in two sizes. It can be hung perfectly above the bed or bedside table, but could also be very useful above the Kiddy desk, for children who already have to study. This way you can create a very hip study corner in a beautiful room.

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