In the spotlight: Collection Quax

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Quax is a Belgian furniture manufacturer that specializes in designing baby rooms, children's rooms and accessories. A space where functionality and design go hand in hand to provide your little one with a safe and atmospheric environment? That is woven into their DNA.

Not one, but 6 new collections for babies and children

With 6 new collections, Quax wants to appeal to all your child's senses and needs. They do this by finding inspiration in exotic destinations such as the Ottoman hammam world with terry fabrics that are made from soft cotton. Or the African Savannah, with a multitude of ethnic influences and timeless natural tones. These 6 collections come with a baby or child's bed, changing table and cupboard in various sizes and colors.

The Havana series lets you dream away with its furniture in a contemporary design with clean lines. The metal base is finished with a black powder coating that contrasts beautifully with the soft natural birch of the minimalist doors. In addition, details such as the rounded corners, gray panels and dampened doors create a subtle contrast that fits beautifully into a country atmosphere with a modernist touch. For a more Scandinavian interior you can also get this furniture completely in heavenly white so that your child wakes up in the clouds every morning.

The Trendy series stands for sustainability. The white or griffin (soft gray) colors ensure that the light is softly reflected throughout the room while the design provides a playful harmony with a symmetrical structure and asymmetrical details. In addition, the solid wood frame gives a beautiful natural contrast with the colors that fits the colors great. This room also focuses on the future of your child with a stylish dark brown oak desk and bedside tables to set the alarm.

Need a spacious room that your child can also use from preschool to teen age? The Indigo collection provides modular furniture in royal white or anthracite gray. The solid beech frame and the details provide a strong contrast with the grip-less doors that form a luxurious package in which your child can grow up. Your little prince or princess will of course not stay small forever, bedside tables and desk tables in the same soft colors are also offered so that your child will feel like the king or queen of the house for a long time.

Minimalistic design without a financial hangover? The Loft series is a furniture collection with a sleek design at attractive prices. The furniture consists of completely white, light gray or anthracite gray doors and panels to maintain the minimalist atmosphere. In addition, it brings a bit of nature into the house through the use of solid beech and the subtly rounded corners of the furniture pieces. In combination with the soft, natural color of the wooden legs, compartments and panels , they create a harmonious atmosphere that makes your child crave for a spot of nature.

Do you like subtle lines in your interior? The Stripes series subtly makes the children's room that little bit more interesting. Clean lines and corners throughout the design provide a symmetrical look that keeps the room simple so that your child can decorate it to create the right atmosphere. In addition, these pieces of furniture are available in white or griffin (soft gray) to emphasize the simplicity and durability of the space.

A simple design that looks harmonious in any country interior. Pure materials in combination with natural colors such as oak wood, moss (soft brown gray) and latté (light brown). The Cocoon collection wraps your child in an environment of tranquility while distinguishing itself in the room with subtle details such as the rounded legs of solid beech and the customizable niches in various colors.

Timeless and functional design
Quax has focused on the future of your child and has ensured that the furniture is modular so that you can easily adapt it to the needs of your little one when he/she is older.

For example, you can transform the baby beds into a comfy sofa or an open toddler bed. That way you don't have to spend time looking for a new piece of furniture and you can reuse the same materials. The bottom of the baby beds can also be adjusted so that you can easily play your child or sing a lullaby.

In addition,  critical thought has been given to the user-friendliness and safety of your child. Just think of the grip-less doors or drawers so that your child does not accidentally open and mess up the cupboard or the wooden extensions for changing tables so that your child lies safely while you change the diaper.

Whether you choose a baby room, children's room or a piece of furniture. Quax provides a sustainable design with a contemporary and warm look that your child will enjoy for a long time.

Expansion options and matching decoration
Do you want to decorate the room a little more? Quax offers extra possibilities so that you can arrange the space in such a way that your child can grow up in an oasis of peace and so that you have everything at hand to take care of your little sprout.

Do you have enough room in the large wardrobe for baby clothes or just don't feel like buying a completely new dresser? Then you can choose a changing table that is specially designed to store all the diapers and spare clothing. This way you can prepare yourself perfectly to take care of your little one. Does your child also needs to be freshened up? Quax offers a bathroom furniture that combines a dressing table with an extendable bathtub on wheels. In short, it is an affordable, comfortable and compact all-in-one solution to prepare you for parenthood.

In addition, nothing gives such a wonderful feeling as dozing off in a rocking chair. Ideal if your child does not feel like going to sleep yet or if your pet wants to relax for a while? Granted that grandmother's rocking chair might be a bit old-fashioned, Quax provides designer rocking chairs with armrests for babies, children and adults in soft fabrics and colors.

And what is a room without your bits and pieces that complete the atmosphere. Your baby playing on the soft Tipi Activity Arch play mat with a cool Maki, Oryx or Elephant motif. Playing hide and seek with the hood of the poncho for children and adults. Have a pillow fight with the Dino, Nina and Wolly dolls. Dry your hands with the wonderfully soft cotton towels after washing your baby and then lay your little sprout to sleep under the soft blankets of tricot fabric. Your child's life can be so beautiful.