How To Decorate for Christmas

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♫ ♪ It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Toys in every store.

But the only thing I didn’t see

is decoration and a tree

right within your home. ♫ ♪ 

Decorating for Christmas. For some people the worst kind of torture, for others the end of months of waiting and longing. But even for seasoned decorators or just-moved-out first timers, making your house Christmas proof is sometimes a bit of a daunting task.

So here are a number of, let’s call them guidelines. 

Ask for help 

Decorating is the best quality time. Not that there's anything wrong with decorating on your own. (We highly suggest cracking open a bottle of red, wearing your favourite Christmas jammies and dancing around the room listening to Frank’s musical murmers, Sinatra that is)

However, it feels a bit more like Christmas if you make your decorating a friends- or family activity. So bake some cookies with your kids, or invite some friends over with the promising allures of said bottle of red and Sinatra songs. Not only will you end up with a beautifully decorated home, you’ll also have some awesome memories to start of the best month of the year.  

Keep your space into mind 

Sure you could pull out all the stops and go for an all out Christmas vomit kind of situation, but usually less is more. Especially for smaller spaces. Never overload your room with too much decoration pieces. And especially don’t randomly stuff every countertop and display space you have with Christmas related paraphernalia. Instead keep your space into mind. Before starting your decorations think of the available spaces you have and already have a rough outline of what goes where. 

Planning is key 

To really take your Christmas decorations to the next level, plan it out. And we’re not just talking about planning out available spaces. Think about a theme. Want to focus on Santas this year? Go with traditional decoration by using elves on the shelf and jolly bearded guys. Or would you like a less Christmas specific approach with ice related items? Then go for snowflakes, polar bears and snowy mountain scenes. Don’t forget to think of your specific colour scheme as well. The classics include green, red and gold or a wintery blue, white and silver. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a theme or colour scheme. It can be anything you want as long as it captures you own personal Christmas spirit that year. 

Finding the perfect tree

The mighty Christmas tree. Whether you’re a pine scent loving real tree advocate or love the ease and full body of an artificial tree, the choice of your tree should always keep your space and you ceiling into mind. You might laugh, but trust us. Too many wannabe tree owners have been dazzled by an impressive and stately Christmas tree only to be disappointed at home when discovering that that kingly pine is perhaps a bit too kingly for the height of their ceiling.

Nothing dampens the mood like realising that that fancy tree topper was just a waste of money this year. 


At last, the mantlepiece. The mantlepiece Is your back-up player, your supporting actor next to the center piece that is your tree. If you have the good fortune of being an owner of an impressive mantlepiece then you can’t miss this opportunity of decorating it to its full potential. If you want to go really traditional you’ll need a garland to hang down your mantlepiece, a Christmas wreath to hang on the wall above and some Christmas ribbons to top it all off. Don’t forget to decorate your garland with some bulbs and bow ties for that house & home cover feeling.

If you don’t have a blazing fire or a bricked up old mantlepiece than you can always go for the stairs and hang your garlands from the railing.