5 reasons why daddy is a superhero

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Father's day. Dad also deserves his time in the spotlight. The role of the father figure has changed much over the past decades. The differences between mom and dad are almost gone, dad got a role in doing chores and raising the kids. That's why we can state that daddy is a real superhero. Let us explain you why.

1. Because daddy is a handyman.

Things that need to be fixed? A problem there? Daddy to the rescue. But, only the if your dad is a handyman on the inside. Did mommy buy a new lamp for the kid's room, or van the living use a new layer of paint? Daddy is always ready to help (even though they need a pat on the shoulder). Is your dad/ husband not handy? No worries, Meubis got some handy people ready for the daddy help intervention. They will assemble like a real dad would, make sure you ask our personnel about it!

2. Because dad is a practical thinker.

It all sounds like a cliché, but we see it more and more: daddy is better at thinking about the practical function than mommy and the kids. Mom and the kids think about what they want, looks good and how it will look in their interior. Daddy thinks about: space that is left and how to utilize that space. This way of thinking comes forward many times in our showroom in Maldegem.  Recognizable, Ladies?

3. Because someone has to be in control over the remote.

Research has shown that in the majority of the households only one person is in control over the remote: Daddy. Because it's not always easy to take that role, and anxiety will kick in, it's is normal to give daddy some credit! Have you even noticed how old the chair where daddy is laying in every night is getting? Here at Meubis we got a nice selection of sofa's for your dad, because he's worth it right?

4. Because daddy makes it easy

Admit it, everybody knows it. Mommy is on the edge of a mental breakdown because of one problem/ dilemma, what if this or that? At that very moment only one person can see things as clear as water: Daddy. We see this very often: Mommy and the kids see so many beautiful things but can't decide what to pick. Which bedroom was the best? or which wardrobe will be perfect for the kids room? Most of the times daddy will be the one to cut the cord and make a decision. This makes that daddy has the feeling of being in charge... right ladies?

5. Because daddy is always there

For mommy and the kids. You can always count on daddy, right? If mommy is feeling under the weather, daddy will help where needed. If the kids are behaving like pigs daddy will correct them. If they are doing homework or study at their desk on that tough piece of science and don't get it right away daddy will explain it to them again. Therefor we can honestly say that daddy would be missed if he was gone! 

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