5 beautiful lamps in industrial style

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Lamps with an industrial look have been rising in popularity for a while now. People buy or renovate industrial lofts, and companies open up their offices in old industrial buildings. If you want to make an interior like that look authentic, industrial lamps are a must-have.

In our webshop you can find a wide range of industrial lamps. Hanging lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, ... You name it, we got it! Here are some of our favorites.

Hanging lamp Eidas

This lamp is made of metal wire, cord and a thick spring to give this lamp a sturdy look.

Thanks to the large metal lampshade there's a large spread of light, making this lamp perfect for your bedroom, dining room or living room.

This hanging lamp is available in anthracite or brown (distressed metal).

Hanging lamp Dash

This hanging lamp has 5 light bulbs, each in a separate glass housing.

These glass housings, in combination with the copper finish, give this lamp a warm look.

Floor lamp Cassia 

This tripod lamp is the perfect lamp to put in your reading corner or living room.

The lampshade is adjustable and is made of fine metal rods in copper color, giving it a warm finish.

Desk lamp Briana 

Desk lamp Briana is a small, metal lamp on a tripod. You can obviously use this as a desk lamp, but could also easily be placed in your living room or reading corner.

Wall lamp Odalis

Wall lamp Odalis is the perfect lamp to illuminate a hallway or bedroom for example. This lamp is made entirely of metal and has an adjustable lampshade.

It's available in both black and white.

Need some tips?

  • Don't be afraid to experiment! For example, you can combine industrial lamps with a modern interior. A black, industrial pendant lamp might fit perfectly into a minimalistic interior with white walls.

  • Use pallets, old wine boxes or other old furniture to create a warmer atmosphere in your interior. Some tips and tricks for using pallets or other wooden elements can be found on our Pinterest.