10 tips to keep your bedroom clean

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1. Procrastination is the beginning of all misery

Your procrastination will make sure that your room get's more messy everyday. The first tip: clean up your room immediately and wait no longer. Cleaning up a room takes up to 15 minutes.

2. Structure

Then make sure you proceed with structure during the cleanup. If you like go from one thing to another you automatically move your "problem". Sort your clothing immediately with other clothing items. Once you have done this you should have a look at what you want to keep. 

3. Do i really need this?

Time to make room. Go thoroughly through all your stuff and imagine the question: "do I really need this?". If you don't need it or haven't used it in a long time just get rid of it! . Do this not only with clothing, but really with all the stuff in your bedroom.

4. Usage

Now that you have thrown away, what things have you again in your bedroom. That gives a tidy impression. The next step is what remains go rank according to use. What do we mean with that? You're going to go over what you need, what you less often used and what you actually only sporadically from your closet or drawer. Arrange all material that way, so you what you use most often, also fastest and easiest can rip it out. That way you avoid opportunities to clutter.

5. Avoid a jungle of furniture 

You now have everything filled and you're done! Everything is nice, but yet you still feel that your room is not clean ... This may be because there might be too much furniture in your room! We believe you can better choose 1 large wardrobe than, for example, a drawer unit and a closet. Choose a limited number of large furniture pieces. This will avoid  a messy and disorderly impression.

6. The colours

Before  your online shopping begins or you rush to the store, first look around and think. Do I want a Brown bedside table with that Purple wall? Would like to have a white desk next to my yellow bed? Allow yourself time to think and make sure all furniture are coordinated in terms of colour. It is important that everything fits together within the whole bedroom. 

7. Prints vs Plain 

How to decorate your room is also an important factor. Colourful prints quickly give a messy impression, just as posters or pictures on the wall. If you want to hang up pictures, try 3 pictures on a  wall, and use one wall or corner to hang your photos there. Sober colours give rest, flashy colours or busy prints give the reverse effect.

8. Fixed moments

Certainly for the people who themselves know that they may have need: use fixed clean-up moments. It may sound strange, but it's a pretty easy way to clean your bedroom in order to keep it clean. Are you, for example, every Saturday and Sunday at home? Use the Saturday mornings to clean your bedroom quickly. If you do that every week, it will be done in no time! 

9. Be consequent 

If you are going out or gong to school the right outfit is mandatory for you, so there will be many fittings in one hour and the pile on your bed get's bigger and bigger every minute. So once you are done with your fittings just fold everything again and place it back in your wardrobe instead of leaving it on your bed till the evening.

10. Make your bed everyday

If you just woke up, then you obviously don't feel like making your bed. A made bed gives your room however also a tidy appearance, and it is also a lot more clean to your bed to ventilate. So come out of bed, put your window open, let your room and bed ventilate and get ready to start the day. Make your bed just before you leave your house, this will be much more fun to come home to than a messy bed. 

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