Rebuilding the house. Where to start?

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The decision has been made: you want to rebuild your house. Of course, that involves a lot. In addition to the financial preparations, you also have a lot of practical preparations to make. And one of the most important questions in that respect is: where to start renovating your house? Of course, there are no real standard rules for that, but we do try to help you get started in a logical way.

Chronological order of the renovation works

To start with, we draw up a chronological order of the works to be carried out. Feel free to make a list of all the works so that we can determine an order from there. The most important works should be specified so that they do not disappear into the background.

Also remember to work from top to bottom. This will prevent you from continuing to clean the lower floor(s). If you tackle them first, they will have a lot to endure if the work above still has to be done. So start at the top, and work your way down that way.

Below we will look at the rooms step by step. In doing so, we give a red thread to the order in which they will be renovated. This is obviously not an exact science, but a logical reasoning, which in certain cases can certainly deviate.

Renovating the attic floor

  • Again, we start at the top. It is best to place a dormer window, ridge elevation or any skylights first, so that work on the ceiling doesn't have to be done afterwards.
  • In a second step, we pay attention to the pipelines and electricity. If they need to be installed or relocated, we do this best here.
  • Only then do you place any false walls, to classify the attic floor.
  • We paint, wallpaper or plaster the ceiling and/or walls after the false walls have been placed.
  • At a later stage, the finishes are coming, it is best to start with sockets, so that they are finished in a good and safe way.
  • The floor can be placed after this.
  • Of course, as a last step, the attic can be fully furnished.

Renovating the kitchen

Renovating the kitchen space is often also quite a drastic change. First and foremost, it is important that you determine its layout. If you work with a cooking island, the kitchen is placed in a corner, ... In addition, you also have to decide where the taps are, where the dishwasher should be connected and whether, for example, information should be provided. All this has to be fixed before the renovation can start.

  • Start with the pipes. If they still need to be laid, or if they need to be relocated, that's the first thing we do. The pipes are the basis of everything.
  • Then work again from top to bottom, so start finishing the ceiling.
  • Then you finish the (possible false) walls.
  • The kitchen can be placed.
  • Finally, the floor is also installed so that it does not have to be finished during the work carried out.

Renovating living spaces

Among the living spaces we understand the rooms in which people live, so from bedroom over living room to, for example, the hall. In most of these living spaces you can work according to the same pattern. Here, too, it is important to determine the layout of the rooms beforehand.

  • Working from top to bottom is also the guiding principle here. So start by stuccoing, painting or wallpapering the ceiling.
  • Then you tackle the walls, painting and / or wallpapering.
  • When that's done, the floor can be laid.
  • We keep the final touch for the latter: the furnishing or decoration. The best part.

In the bedroom you choose a nice bed, or maybe even a box spring. Nowadays, corner sofas are often chosen in the living room. They are not only super cool, they are also useful to make full use of the space. By the way, did you know that at Meubis we also have complete bedroom sets and complete dining rooms? That way you'll have a nicely fitting combination, at the best price.

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