How much do we pay for our own home?

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Building a custom home is not for everyone, but for those who still want to dreams or are curious to what it all costs therefor we have written this blog. We will give you info on how much it actually cost to build a House.

Per square meter

Many people wonder what it will cost to build their dream home, we can use the price per square meter. This is about the price per square meter of your home that you build.

What is the price per square meter? This is calculated by two components: the materials and working hours.

Do not forget that you are on this you pay  21% VAT charged. Please note some count excluding VAT and some let the constructor cost out of it. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND!

An indicative price per square meter is a 1,400 1,300 euros, including the fee that you also pay.

Costs are made fast

Many factors are part of your dream house, but these all increase the cost quickly. 


If you go for luxury this will make your that  your house will cost a pretty penny. If you're going for more ' basic ' then you can have everything nice furnish for a nice price. All the things that need finishes affect the square meter price. 


You can go for air conditioning and other systems that you offer everything a man needs (or doesn't need). These are going to make your house thousands of euros more expensive while those gadgets and other things might be just optional? Of course, the right advanced techniques are good on the longterm as an investment. 

Work hours

The contractor is a rich man you hear often, they ask a lot of your money and also give the result what you expected. Now of course your price per square meter can be lowered by doing things yourself.  Many people go for this adventure and they have lowered the price with 300 à 400 euro of their price per square meter. The contractor has to work less and you have proud in what you have done. You pay less and have more money to spend.


One fee is not the other. 7% on the price tag of your build is a gripe to the fees of your architect to calculate, but an architect is free to determine its own fee.

An example with a House of 160 m² and a construction budget of 200,000 euros. An architect who counts, 7% will round to 14,000 euros. An architect who counts with a fixed fee of 50 euros per square meter costs 8,000 euro. Be sure to always know good what you get in return for that fee.

The building

Closed, semi-open or open buildings also play a role in the price of the square meters. Of course, the shape of the building also plays a role. The simpler the cheaper, the more corners and edges the more expensive.

The location is also a factor this is your price also determine because one region is not the other, where would you like to stay for a long time and live your life?


 For the right price you should stop by a contractor for the right info.


  • The available square meters are important.
  • Every wall is important
  • 1300 and 1400 are prices you could start from.
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