This is what a trendy bedroom looks like in 2017

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Bed Cabane is a top seller, this is most wanted for a boys bedroom. This bed is also perfect for a girls bedroom as shown in the second picture of the product page. The bed is finished in a white colour which gives you the chance to furnish the room in any other colour you like. The shape may be special but kids love it! The perfect bed for your child his awesome room.

Extra storage space

Many people these days are more into smaller houses, they rather live in an appartement or a small house. People always ask us if we have a teenage or children's bedroom with smart storage options, like a bed drawer,... We got the perfect bed for these people: Bed Space up

The big advantage of bed Space up is that you have a ton of storage options in 1 bed. Even Miley Cyrus fell in love with this bed, she posted about this bed on her instagam and facebook page. How you can use the bed is shown in the picture below. Apart from the drawers and other options you also got a little 'house' in which you can store a gigantic amount of stuff. it looks like  a normal bunkbed but it is much more than that. A very popular one that even Miley Cyrus fell in love with it. 

A trendy teenage bedroom 

Many time people chose a teenage bedroom at a younger age. This is more sober and still with a single bed, but it's 'boring'. The single bed is a sober piece of such a teenage room, but the room will last for a long time! 

The differences between a bedroom for boys and girls is not that big. The advice we always give to our customers is to evaluate the character of their child and his interests. They should go further on that note in picking a bedroom for their child. Look at teenage Bedroom Amori for example, the more mature girls won't like this princess room but the romantic and real princesses will fall in love with this bedroom! 

Are you interested in our other teenage bedrooms? Make sure to click the following link, we got many nice rooms available. Our bedrooms include a single bed, a nightstand and a wardrobe. It can always be fun to also order a bureau and a chair while you're at it. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us!