Which wardrobe fits you perfectly?

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You are moving, and want a new wardrobe in your bedroom. Or perhaps you need a bigger closet for your clothing collection. No matter what the cause is, the conclusion is clear: you need a new wardrobe. Wonderful, but not always easy. There are many types of wardrobes on the market. You naturally want a beautiful closet in your bedroom, which is also practical to put together your outfit in the morning. We will help you to choose the wardrobe that suit you perfectly.

The different types of wardrobes

Before you make your choice which wardrobe you want to buy, we would like to present a list of all the types of wardrobes actually exist. You can then decide which type you like best, or which type best fits the available space in your home.

The hinged door wardrobes are very popular. As the name suggests, these cabinets have hinged doors. Usually the doors are finished with a handle or push button. The sliding door cabinets are another very popular model . This saves you some space and gives you a slightly tighter, modern effect. Of course, a lot also depends on the colors.

A third popular option is the dressing cabinets or walk-in closets. Often these cupboards have no doors, but they can also be finished with doors. Dressing cabinets often come in different sizes, so that you can organize the space yourself. By the way, did you see how we made Yentl Keuppens' dream dressing ?

Analyze the available space

An important second step: analyze the available space, and also take that into account when choosing. Because if you have limited space, you might opt ​​for sliding-door wardrobes faster. These, of course, take up less space when opening than hinged door cabinets. Immediately think practical. A lot of cupboards have very useful functionalities, such as the Wardrobe Magic 3 that you see in the picture above. In this sliding door wardrobe you have space to work in a television set. Again space saving. The following wardrobe Everly 1 , for example, is very handy because the folding doors can be folded open, making the mirrors suddenly very handy to view your entire outfit on different sides.

For example, do you have a room with limited spaces, but can you work in height? Then the NYC collection is probably the perfect solution for you. With these cabinets, which you can put together in many different sizes, you can also choose between the standard height of 208 cm or a higher version of 236 cm. Again, of course, it depends here on your available spaces.

Choose a finish to your liking

The last point is perhaps the best. Choose a color that you like, that matches the interior. You can often get wardrobes with a mirror or without a mirror. The options are not infinite, but we can say that the options are very wide.

Also remember to take a look at the layout of the wardrobe. With our Easy collection you can also determine the layout yourself. You can choose how many shelves, where you want them, and whether you want door brakes on your wardrobe. You name it, with the Easy collection you can go in all directions.

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