Where do I pay attention to if I want to buy my dream bed?

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You've had enough of your old bed and want to go for a new sleek and more comfortable bed. But where do you look for if you want to go for your new dream bed? We need to go through your value to look out for if you want to buy a new bed!

Your interior

If your interior is modern go for a box-spring bed such as Tesla, is your Interior more rural go for one as our Remo. There are plenty of options and you must decide whether your bed is perfect for your interior.

The frame

Are you going for a closed bed frame, one with storage place or for an open bed frame? This is an important choice because if you are going for an open bed frame like bed Vicenza , if you go for a closed bed frame then saves this already in the cleaning on your room.  Many choices that need to be made so!

The mattress

This is one of the main topics of your new dream bed! The mattress is just that thing that will ensure that you have a good night's sleep. Choose this carefully and go for a mattress that enhances your sleeping position! 

  • Pocketfibers: pressure is divided
  • Slow foam: get's warmer and shapes to your body 
  • Cold foam: Adapts to your sleeping position
  • ...

The pillow

The pillow is also an essential part of your new bed. The support for your neck and head. If your cushion is not good then you will suffer a whole day from it. 

The slats

3 options that you most likely can delight you! Manual, electric or just not adjustable, you can choose what will satisfy your needs! 


You can still see if you like your bed frame in wood, fabric or imitation leather would have and this you can choose within a wide range of colours!

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