What does a flat boxspring mean?

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We all know what a box spring is. But here and there you still read strange terms when it comes to boxspring beds. For example, people often talk or write about flat box springs, but what exactly is that?

What's a box spring?

A box spring is basically a bed base with springs. These are very often upholstered in fabric or imitation leather, and rest on small legs. The boxspring is actually the basis of a boxspring bed or boxspring combination, which are finished with a mattress, top mattress and headboard. If you want to read more about the exact composition, you can read that on our blog What is a boxspring bed?

What is a flat boxspring?

A flat boxspring is actually a standard boxspring bed, also sometimes called a fixed boxspring. In contrast to the electric boxspring, it is not adjustable, so it always holds the same position.

The bottom box, the bed base, is basically always filled with springs. The most common springs in the bed base are bonell feathers and pocket springs. In some (cheaper) models, the lower box is not filled with springs, so it can be used as storage space, for example. This variant may be slightly less comfortable to lie on, but with a good mattress this can certainly be taken care of.

What's an electric boxspring?

An electric box spring has one or two motors, with which you can place the head and/or footboard in different positions. These box springs are generally a lot more expensive, but of course offer excellent lying comfort. For a double bed, it is usually recommended that the two headboards can move independently of each other. That is why a split topper is used. This is one topper, but at the top (and possibly at the bottom) they can move independently of each other.

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