Tips voor het inrichten van je landelijke slaapkamer

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The country style is becoming increasingly popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. A rural interior equals tranquillity, space and cosiness, and aims to bring rural life inside. This style is characterized by handicraft, earthy materials and timeless accessories. Many people are fond of this style, but find it difficult to translate the style into their own interior. We give you some tips on how to decorate your spaces nationwide.

Characteristics of a rural interior

In terms of colours, the country style is mainly limited to a few basic colours. There, earthy, natural colours such as white, grey tones, brown tones and taupe reappear. In this style you will seldom find bright colours, not even in accessories. It's all about tranquillity and respect for earthy materials and colours. Wood is also something you see very often, which of course fits perfectly with the sober shades of a rural interior. 

Materials in a country style

In this style we also go back to earthy materials such as linen, wool and cotton. In addition, stone and wood are indispensable in a rural interior. Think for example of wooden parquet, a complete wall in bare brick and accessories in coarse wood. A typical element in a rural living room, for example, is also a wood stove, in which you prefer to use the logs as an accessory. Put some soft cushions around it and you will quickly create the cosy, warm atmosphere that a country interior stands for.

Tips for a country bedroom

What is very popular nowadays in the country style, is a beautiful, luxurious looking box spring with a wonderfully finished headboard. Think for example of the box spring Sussex below, finished in light gray. The headboard, finished with buttons, gives a classy impression and at the same time fits perfectly in the country style thanks to the beautifully rounded finish. 

What is also highly recommended in a country bedroom, is the use of parquet flooring, preferably in wide strips. This parquet may even be untreated, that way we get the feeling of the earthy materials to the fullest. Also the use of wood in accessories, or even a wood stove in the bedroom as you can see at Boxspring Ibisa Beige below, gives an extra rural dimension to the space. What is also often done is the placement of steel window frames, as you can see below at Boxspring Mercura. Again, reverting to raw, earthy materials to create that rough, warm atmosphere. 

Not a box spring fan? No problem, it is perfectly possible to create a rural feeling in your bedroom without boxspring. Very often the wood shades are used, mainly for the bed, but also for the wardrobe(s) and bedside tables. On the picture below you see for example bedroom Chalet. Thanks to the light oak colour, you immediately get a soothing and warm atmosphere. Also the small handles are typically rural, not too bombastic, but rather sober and warm. In terms of colours, this is a typical rural interior: it consists mainly of wood tones, complemented by white and in this case a brown floor. 

Besides wood tones, white is also a very important colour in the country style, especially in the bedroom. On the picture below of bedroom Ivonne you see a combination of white as the main color and wooden elements as an addition. This gives you that soft, soothing feeling again by using those sober, earthy colors. The slats provide a nice element in the closet, the headboard again brings something extra class in the bedroom. 

Need any more tips?

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