The trends of 2017 for your bedroom.

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Warm and deep colours

the usage of pink and blue pastel colours is fading away. The trend of 2017 is brown and terraccotta. They are two colours that bring peace and warmth in your bedroom. This in combination with green will give the modern look to it. Don't only use paint but also details like rugs etc.

A rug with prints and colours

One of the trends in 2017 is a rug with super trendy prints and colours. A round rug is a must in 2017 for your little cocoon. Find the right way to combine the colours in your room. Once you have don that with succes you will have your personal and warm bedroom.

Flatpack furniture

A simple piece to construct and to break down. This is more and more important. Make sure you ask the sales person how your furniture arrives. It is always easier for you to move a model that you can break down into pieces than just a one piece monster. One of the big advantages of our furniture is the fact that they are easy to build and easy to move. But if you want us to put them together, don't be afraid to ask our people. 

Keep in mind:

  • A more 'avant-garde' style will be the interior of 2017. More and more designers are looking up to the 1920. 
  • Don't forget to use plants! Use many of them! 
  • Take a look online to the latest trends and see what fits your style. Be creative and be you!