The side effects of a bad night sleep

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Sleep is mandatory for everybody.

Don't underestimate the power of a good night sleep. During the period of time your are sleeping your body will start to recover from the day before. Your brain also will take the time to recover from an intense day. The lack of sleep will also show itself there.

Many people know the problems of sleep deprivation (insomnia). Insomnia will cause sleeping and health issues on the long term. In the first fase you will be tired during the day. People with insomnia have a higher risk at depression, concentration problems and a high blood pressure. The immune system will be weak and muscle pain will be an example of that.

The biggest problem of insomnia is caused by the brain. When you don't get enough sleep you will have problems with you memorie and concentration. The process of thinking Will be tough and people will live in an "autopilot" way.

The causes of a bad night sleep

Many factors are causing a bad night sleep, noise, ... more important are the inner factors, mentally (stress) and physical (pains). People who smoke or drink too much coffee or who eat heavy meals sleep less deep.

Another factor can be your bed, more specific your mattress. A bad mattress can cause your muscles not being able to relax, this will make that your muscles are in a bad and tense position during the night. The rudely will be that your muscles are tens and you will be limited in your work because of that. Here at Meubis we got all the knowledge and right mattresses for every body type.

Some tips:

  • Sleeping pills are just temporarily. Your body gets used to them ritual cars your doses to get higher every time. This will also cause your quality and depth of your sleep to be less and less.
  • If you go to bed every day at the same time your body will get used to that time.
  • Don't do any heavy exercises before you go to sleep. Your body should get some rest just before going to bed.
  • Don't eat a big meal or don't drink any coffee before going to sleep.
  • Buy a decent mattress so your body can relax during the night.