The effect of a goodnight sleep on your intervertebral discs

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The perfect sleeping position is a thing and you can start to sleep like this too! This will give your body the perfect goodnight sleep, and it will take care of your intervertebral discs. How you should sleep and how to achieve the perfect position is explained in this blogpost! 

Intervertebral discs

You put many pressure on them at night, this is not healthy for your back! The intervertebral discs are in between two discs and is a gello kinda substance. 

How to sleep?

The thing that you want to achieve is a good night sleep, that takes away the pressure form a full day of work..

  • Sleep on your side.
  • Your legs on top of each other in a 90° angle
  • A pillow in between your legs.

Which mattress is the best for me?

Everybody his body is different so you should get a mattress that suits you best! Research has shown with a wide group of people that they sleep the best on a mattress with a 5,6 hardness, make sure you look out for thoise kind of mattresses! 

Still not there yet?

If you are still not sleeping wel or start to have other issues, you also have the option to replace your slatted base by an electric one! This can be adjusted to your wishes! 


We spend much time of our life in our bed so this should be perfect for your body! 

We brengen een heel groot deel van ons leven door in bed en moeten daarom zorgen dat we onze slaaphouding en matras aanpassen. 

  • Sleep on your side!
  • Go for a mattress with a 5,6 hardness
  • We have all the things you need!