Furnish your dressing in five simple steps

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A dressing is a must nowadays in the modern interiors. There are many affordable dressings these days so people have the option to have one in no time. How do you get started designing you own dressing? We have five simple steps for you! 

1. The location of your dressing

The location for your dressing is an important one. You can always place the dressing in an other room that is further away from your bedroom, but this will make you walk around more. It would be better for you to have it closer to your bedroom. If you have a washing room on the floor of your dressing that is just perfect! 

2. The type of closets

The major purpose of a dressing room is that it is functional and easy to use. In addition, it looks often quite beautiful. But what looks better? A full dressing room with open wardrobes? Or do you like it best when the doors are closed? It is a choice you have to make yourself, having in mind also the functionality. Open cupboards are nice and it gives you in one glance, a good look at your current collection of clothes, but it also ensures that your clothes should always be in top order. An open closet can quickly give a messy view.  

Is there much natural light in your dressing? Then there is the chance that your clothing is going to fade, especially if the whole day is exposed to direct sunlight. Closed cabinets avoid these problems: you never get a messy impression, and the incident light poses no threat. But is a walk-in closet with closed cabinets also fun? An intermediate solution with a curtain also exists, such as for example Dressing Star.

3. Messurements

Certainly if you are designing your own dressing, as you perfectly can do, it is important that the dimensions of the space. On that base you can build from which you want your dressing exactly to exist, what sizes are feasible, and how you exactly want to place it. Also think of the space between the various closets. Generally write that at least 100cm must be in between. If you are planning to dress to attract or to fit in the same space, you should take 120-150cm. Yet another important tip: if you have cabinets with doors, also remember a moment after, or the hinged or sliding door. Normal doors take up additional space in the gap, of course.

4. Play safe

Make sure that you go for the most easy solution that is one who lasts for a long time! Work with shelves that you can reorganise for more space. Our dressing 'Espace' on the picture above give you the option to do your thing. If you want another organisation in your closet for winter and summer you can do so with that dressing. 

5. Think about the content

Important to know is the amount of clothes that you have for your dressing. Women always need long racks for their dresses, while men need many hanging space for shirts etc. The content is always different with men and women. Think about your own clothes and how they should fit in your dressing. 

To finish your dressing you can go for some extras like a make-up table, or a big mirror on the wall. All these fun thing can be included in your dressing, this is the fun part you can mix and match like you want to!