Are you curious for the secret behind a goodnight sleep?

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We spend about 30% of our time in the bedroom. We can't go around it: it's crucial to feel right at home in your bedroom. You can do this by paying attention at the following:

  • Make sure your bedroom interior is nice. This will create a relaxed ambience and a beter feeling, this will be part of your goodnight sleep.

  • ventilate your bedroom by day, or sleep with the window open. Fresh air is also good for your goodnight sleep.
  • With a dark floor you create a better feeling when you wake up, because of the fact that you reflect less daylight in your bedroom
  • Your bed should be big enough. A bed that is too small is one of the reasons of a bad night sleep. Here you can find all our single and twin beds!
  • * Your bed should be centered. You should be able to get in your bed and out of it either from right and left.

“The most important part is the quality of your bed and matras. ”

Jonas, slaapspecialist bij Meubis

A good bed or boxspring provides better rest, and will give you more energy in the morning and you will be more thrilled to go to bed at night. For your body aswel, neck and back should be treated with the right matras.

Here at Meubis we are please to help find the right bed, make sure you take a look on our webshop, and don't hesitate to call or send an email if you have any questions. 

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