A good night's rest during the winter months

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This known phenomenon, is known in the medical world is as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The different seasons can, due to a changed state of mind, have an effect on the functioning of people. The best known effect is undoubtedly the winter depression. Days become shorter, people get to see less sunlight and therefore often sleep worse. We give you a few tips for a good night's rest during the winter months.

The temperature in your bedroom

An important factor, which is often written about, is the temperature in your bedroom. Very often people underestimate the impact of the ambient temperature on the quality of your sleep, both in summer and in winter. Specifically: the perfect temperature is very often estimated between 18 and 20 degrees. According to Rowany De Coninck, sleep expert at Van Landschoot, 18º is the guideline. Both in summer and in winter, for clarity. So if you set the thermostat a little higher in the winter months, don't try to do that in the bedroom.

“The perfect temperature in the bedroom is 18º, both in summer and in winter”

Rowany, Sleeping expert at Van Landschoot

Take up enough daylight

A lot of people leave for work when it is still dark outside, and the sun is set by the end of their working day. This not only has an influence on the state of mind, but also has negative consequences for the body. Natural light keeps your body vitalized and ensures that your body can function in an energetic state. A lack of natural light causes a lazy and sleepy feeling. Once evening falls, the contrast is too small, so your body does not feel that it is bedtime. So try to absorb as much daylight as possible during the day, so that your body can continue to function in its normal rhythm.

Ensure adequate exercise

Adequate exercise promotes the quality of sleep. This has been scientifically proven before, and also a major cause of poor sleep quality in the winter. People move less in the winter. Cold, dark days invite less to a revitalizing walk, or to get some exercise after a long day at work. As a result, the body remains in the same 'standby' mode, whereby you do not exert any heavy effort. The body must therefore also recover less during the night. So try to provide sufficient exercise even in the winter months.

The importance of regularity

Not only in the winter months, but in principle throughout the year it is important to create regularity in your sleep pattern. Go to sleep as much as possible at the same time and get up at the same time. You should also maintain a similar pattern during the weekend. If your sleeping pattern gets confused, sleeping problems will only get worse. So think back to that mother's tip and try to implement it effectively, because regularity is indeed beneficial to the quality of your sleep.

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