5 mistakes made in almost every bedroom

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When it comes to the bedroom, we see with our customers that they are very often have the same problems in the bedroom. We dare to call this blunders. Your bedroom is a place to relax, and to gain power again. Are you going to look for a new bedroom soon? Please make sure these errors are not yours.

1. lighting: mood lighting vs reading light

Think carefully about your lighting in the bedroom. Very often we hear people who include mood lightings in the bedroom, but if they want to read a book in bed while the partner is falling asleep, they get in trouble. The mood lighting doesn't offer enough light, making reading difficult. A main light will disturb your partner. Look  therefore in advance what kind of lighting you need in your bedroom, and how/where you can integrate that.

2. Pillows are cosy but less is more

We understand that cosy pillows are very beautiful in bed. You see them often in a catalog or in dreamy Pinterest photos. In reality pillows are not always practical. In doing so, they also often give a messy impression, especially if they are not perfect laid. Don't exaggerate with pillows in your bed. They can only catch dust, and are very often in the way as you sleep. Feel free to check our selection of quality pillows.

3. Don't forget your mattress

Many times we see that a mattress is an obligation for the customer. They always go for a more cheaper model because they don't want to spend much money on it. This is not a good diea. Your mattress determines your goodnight sleep and the quality of your boxspring and bed. A quality mattress is a must! Make sure to take a look in our wide assortment, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

4. No television in the bedroom

This tip you will have heard many times, but we always see it happen that people still have a television in the bedroom. Not only the light is not good for your brain just before bed, also the sound are sending signals to your brain. Get your television out of your room!

5. Keep the bedroom sober

Please, keep your bedroom sober in colour. The colour combinations that we have seen before are not even invented yet. Use sober colours in your bedroom and they will give your brain more peace. Keep the bright and flashy colours away in your bedroom.