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Which wardrobe fits you perfectly?

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kleerkast everly 2 bis

You are moving, and want a new wardrobe in your bedroom. Or perhaps you need a bigger closet for your clothing collection. No matter what the cause is, the conclusion is clear: you need a new wardrobe. Wonderful, but not always easy. There are many types of wardrobes on the market. You naturally want a beautiful closet in your bedroom, which is also practical to put together your outfit in the morning. We will help you to choose the wardrobe that suit you perfectly.

Which boxspring to choose?

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welke boxspring kiezen choisir quel boxspring what box spring should i choose meubis meubelen furniture meubles blog

Choosing a boxspring is super fun! You have different models, different styles, and often a lot of colors available. It's very easy to fall in love with the look of a specific boxspring, but is that a good measure to make a decision? When will you know if a boxspring is good for you? There are a number of criteria you should take into account before choosing a boxspring.

What does a flat boxspring mean?

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wat is een boxspring vlak meubis meubelen blog betaalbaar wonen

We all know what a box spring is. But here and there you still read strange terms when it comes to boxspring beds. For example, people often talk or write about flat box springs, but what exactly is that?

What's a boxspring bed?

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Norma Timeless Select 6

Boxspring beds are very popular in the year 2020. You often see it in hotels, movies or advertisements, and if you regularly visit Pinterest, you will surely see some beautiful pictures of boxspring beds. We all know it, or at least we've heard of it. But ask ten people to explain exactly what a boxspring bed is, and it will take some time before you get a correct explanation. Why is that?

A good night's rest during the winter months

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Een goede nachtrust tijdens de wintermaanden4

This known phenomenon, is known in the medical world is as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The different seasons can, due to a changed state of mind, have an effect on the functioning of people. The best known effect is undoubtedly the winter depression. Days become shorter, people get to see less sunlight and therefore often sleep worse. We give you a few tips for a good night's rest during the winter months.

Buying a new mattress some tips

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Waar moet ik op letten bij de aankoop van een matras?3

A question we get quite often in our store. First of all: a complete normal question. There are many mattresses on the market, not only a lot of different ones but also a very wide range in quality. In addition, a good mattress for one person, feels less good for someone else. Here we have some tips for you before you purchase a new mattress.

Tips voor het inrichten van je landelijke slaapkamer

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boxspring mercura

The country style is becoming increasingly popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. A rural interior equals tranquillity, space and cosiness, and aims to bring rural life inside. This style is characterized by handicraft, earthy materials and timeless accessories. Many people are fond of this style, but find it difficult to translate the style into their own interior. We give you some tips on how to decorate your spaces nationwide.

You should clean your mattress and here is why...

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matras reinigen 3

It's something people very often forget, or don't even know, but also your mattress condition is important for your hygiene and your own health. We wash all our blankets, sheets and pillows, but what happens to the mattress? Often nothing at all, whereby in the mattress dirt can accumulate. Your mattress can be cleaned easily, we'll give you some tips here.

Tips for the smaller bedroom

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Onze tips voor een kleine slaapkamer

The bedroom is a place where you relax. A pigsty is not good for your mind. Try to create a clean and organized bedroom. What if you have a very small bedroom, in which you just "have" that pigsty effect? For the smaller bedrooms there is a solution!

There's a bun in the oven, are you prepared?

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Babykamer online kopen - chambre de bebe - baby bedrooms

A baby on the way is fantastic news. You will be overwhelmed with congratulations from family, friends. The first few weeks you live on a cloud, but gradually the realization that there is a lot of work kicks in. Decorating the baby room is often one of the most difficult tasks. We have some tips to help you on your way.

Our tips for an efficient cupboard layout

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Efficiente kastindeling onze tips2

Time is money, more than ever. Yet everyone will recognize this image: you want to choose an outfit and hope that a glance at your closet will help, but you don't know where to look first. The clothes you had in mind seem to be nowhere to be found, while the summer and winter clothes are stacked together. An efficient layout of your closet can prevent a lot of time loss and annoyance. We'll list our tips here.

5 benefits of a boxspring

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boxspring detroit

The box spring is more popular than ever and no bed can compete! Of all the beds that are sold is 7/10 a box spring. A box spring is a wooden or metal bonell fetaher bin. There is a topper on it. The bed and headboard is usually covered with fabric or imitation leather. the combinations and possibilities are endless.

Our tips for the ideal pillow

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Het ideale hoofdkussen - le coussin ideal - the ideal pillow

A goodnight sleep is crucial for you to get through the day. Many times a good night sleep gets associated with a good matras and a firm slat, these are very important but the importance of a pillow get's underestimated.

Our mattress guide: everything you need to know

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meubis matrassengids

What's a good mattress? There are a lot of mattresses on the market, and for many people it all stays a bit abstract sometimes. Not only are there many types or types of mattresses, but within one type you usually also have a large variation in quality. In addition, a good mattress for one person can feel less good for another. In our mattress guide we try to give structure to the types of mattresses, and their pros and cons, so that you can make the right choice.

Furnish your dressing in five simple steps

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Zubehör SWT offen linegrey

A dressing is a must nowadays in the modern interiors. There are many affordable dressings these days so people have the option to have one in no time. How do you get started designing you own dressing? We have five simple steps for you!

5 mistakes made in almost every bedroom

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When it comes to the bedroom, we see with our customers that they are very often have the same problems in the bedroom. We dare to call this blunders. Your bedroom is a place to relax, and to gain power again. Are you going to look for a new bedroom soon? Please make sure these errors are not yours.

A pretty girls room in not time

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Een mooie meisjeskamer in een handomdraai 1

Girls growing up spend a big amount of time in their rooms. Their room is their kingdom the place where they can be who they are when no one is watching. If you are ready to take on the task of refurnishing that room, you better make sure you got a good plan because your daughter will have. Here are some tips and inspiration.

This is what a trendy bedroom looks like in 2017

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the young adults are well aware of what they want, if that is a negative or positive thing let's not talk about that. The influence of social media and television are becoming very large, kids these days know what they want and how they want it. Here in our showroom we see this also, therefor we are here to give you some advice on how to create the most trendy room for your kids.

The trends of 2017 for your bedroom.

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Slaapkamer Advantage - bedroom advantage - chambre à coucher Advantage

The bedroom is more than just a room where you sleep or find peace, In this short overview we will show you the trends of 2017: plants, rugs, a dark accent wall that brings warmth to your room

The side effects of a bad night sleep

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Many times before you probably heard it, not everybody needs as much sleep as someone else. In a group of ten people only a few will only need 6 hours of sleep to get through the day, some people need 10 hours. It is all about how deep you go when you are sleeping. But is sleep deprivation damaging your health? You can read all about it in this blogpost...

The effect of a goodnight sleep on your intervertebral discs

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The perfect sleeping position is a thing and you can start to sleep like this too! This will give your body the perfect goodnight sleep, and it will take care of your intervertebral discs. How you should sleep and how to achieve the perfect position is explained in this blogpost!