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Black Friday Deals

They are here! Until December 2nd

Our Black Friday Sales are even bigger this year, more impressive and longer than before! Our Black Friday Sales start early, on Friday November 22 we kick off our Black Friday sales period, and we will continue until Cyber ​​Monday (December 2th). During this 10-day period you can enjoy huge discounts on all products. You read it correctly, on all (!) products. 

On this page you will find a small selection of our Black Friday Deals.

Black Friday Boxsprings

During our Black Friday sale all our boxsprings are reduced in price. I'd say it's the ideal moment to boost your nightrest! These 3 bestsellers are going to be reduced in price very soon. Don't forget to check our entire offer of boxsprings today because all of them are going to be reduced in price during our sale period! 

Black Friday Corner Sofas 

A new corner sofa can be a costly venture. Especially If you choose for a quality corner sofa made of Italian leather or a sofa with an exclusive design. What better time to save yourself a significant amount of money than during our Black Friday sale, when all our corner sofas will be reduced in price. These three beautiful corner sofas are going to receive extra discounts during our sales, but be sure to also check our entire collection of corner sofas to find the one that fits your wishes exactly. 

By the way, did you know that almost all our corner sofas and sofas are available in over 200 colours and fabric combinations? So if there's a sofa that catches your fancy, but you'd like to change the fabric or colour be sure to contact us to discover all the possibilities. 

Black Friday Chairs 

These three chairs are our show stoppers this year. Not only are they comfortable, stylish and durable, they will also receive a large price reduction during our Black Friday sales. In fact, all our chairs will be discounted so it would be wise to already check out our entire range of dining chairs to determine the ones to put on your wishlist. 

Prepare your Wishlist- Black Friday is coming. 

All of our products will receive significant discounts during our Black Friday sales. So why don't you take a look at our most populair categories? That way you can already write down your own wishlist so you can strike as soon as our awesome deals take of! 

Black Friday Furniture: Our most popular categories. 

Dining rooms 

Corner Sofas 




Starters sets 


Living room 

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Why buy with Meubis? 

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  • 2 year warranty 

Black Friday at Meubis 

At Meubis we like to extend our Black Friday and Cyber monday sale. We do because... 

  • Black Friday can be busy, no, crazy. And it can lead to a lot of orders in a very short amount of time. This in itself can have an influence on our delivery terms. By spreading Cyber Monday and Black Friday out over 10 days, we're able to still maintain our fixed delivery terms. 
  • Black Friday is not only restricted to our only store. People who want to visit our physical store but have trouble getting to Maldegem during that specific weekend can visit our store during a time that suits them better in the next ten days. 
  • Impulse shopping might be fun, but we don't want to force anyone to buy on an impulse by only giving our discounts on that specific day. Our black Friday promotions will start on 22 november and last until the 2nd of december. So take your time, measure your room to see if everything will fit and make an educated choice.

Black Friday 

Black Friday is a concept that started in the United States. It takes place the day after thanksgiving and it's the official start of the Christmas shopping period. Shops have been using Black Friday for years to show off their best deals and in more recent years we've seen the same concept starting to take root in Belgium as well. 

Why do they call it 'Black Friday'? 

As to the why: there's not a single clear cut answer. Most of the explanations however fall into one of two categories. 

The first explanation stems from the amount of people on the streets, in the shops and on the road during the Black Friday period. The streets were black with the crowds coming out to do their Black Friday shopping. 

The second explanation has a more fiscal origin: it claims that the term 'Black Friday' has everything to do with the accounts of the shops. Most of the shopkeepers's balance sees a positive trend after Black Friday, up until the point where their accounts are no longer 'in red' but 'in black'.