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Best Price/Quality

When selecting our furniture Meubis always has two pillars in mind. The greatest quality for the lowest price


Meubis will always choose the best quality that can be offered within a certain pricerange. That quality is ensured by working together with a selected group of trusted partners. Most of our partners are located in Belgium. It's they who produce the furniture that you can order through us. Our partners have a good eye for detail and choosing quality is something they do naturally. It's not for nothing that we've already had a successful partnership with many of them for the last couple of years. Because we work together with several supplier we're able to offer you a wide range of products and styles. Durable high end luxury or sturdy, quality for a competitive price? Whatever your taste, whatever your style, whatever your budget,  you're sure to find the thing you like, at Meubis! 

For a low price 

There are multiple reasons why we can offer a lower price. First of all, we're a family company, which means we can divide a lot of tasks internally and we don't have to outsource a lot. Second of all we focus on a large market and this makes sure that we can keep our prices lower. Lastly there are our local partners. By choosing local suppliers located in and around Belgium we don't have to pay a lot of transport costs. All these savings are shared with our customer, presenting them with a lower price than other furniture stores who sell the same items. 

What impacts the Price/Quality?

It makes sense that not every piece of furniture has the same quality. There are several different things that have an impact on the finished quality of a product. Not only the material, but also the variety of colours or the choice for extra features can impact the quality of a product. For instance a leather corner sofa with springs will be more durable than a fabric sofa made with foam. But you can always be sure that when you shop at Meubis you will get the lowest possible price for the corresponding kind of quality.

You can find a lot of tips on what to take into account, and what to consider when choosing your new piece of furniture on our blog. That way you can make a well informed choice when shopping online at Meubis! 

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